Web Development

web dev

AIMS IT Solutions is going to the future. The good thing is that they do not want to go there alone. Their policy on information technology sets them apart from the competition. They have the ultimate capability to set your company apart from your competition in the niche where your business lies. When it comes to web development, they go the extra mile to ensure that you are set up with state of the art equipment to allow you to join the ranks of other companies already set up with the ability to sell themselves on the Internet. They put together the machinery you need and not only this, they can offer you web design services to get you going. They are able to offer the following service in web development:

Domain services – AIMS IT Solutions come to the market with more than two decades of experience, an able team and a management that ensures that your needs as a client are met. When setting you up with web and Internet services, the AIMS IT Solutions are able to give you a domain that can host your website for you. This considerably changes your company profile because you have taken the first step to making your business international. You will be able to advertise and advise your clients when you have changes in your organization. Consider it an efficient way to communicate to your clientele.

Website management – Once you have been set up with the capability to run your business online, you need a reliable partner to keep your website professional. AIMS IT Solutions offer this service by monitoring your website for you to ensure that it remains intact, impenetrable from outside and keep tabs on the comments posted to ensure that your company reputation is not hurt by malicious accusations and posts. They do this by use of tools that keep monitoring your website for key words of potential reputational risks. They also answer customer queries with consultations from you to ensure that you become a reliable partner to your clients.

Server management – Once the web-based program is set, and your company has its own database, you will require having servers that keep you running and saving all the information you input on your computers. These servers need to be monitored and the AIMS IT Solutions is able to offer this service by ensuring that they are always in good condition and to also ensure that you never lose any data, crucial or otherwise. They manage them by ensuring the data inputted in them is not redundant and that the servers are located in a safe environment where they can run every hour of everyday without errors. This ensures the integrity of your company is intact and that you can transact your businesses knowing that your data is being saved in the servers.

Teleconferences – These services are offered to you on request, they enable you to save a lot of money in travelling cost that would have been used by your team to go and meet a client in another state or country. Teleconferencing allows for real time communication regardless of the distance between you and the client. You will be able to talk as if you were in the same room. You can also share files using email to complete this process.